Shortcut for tabbing between windows in Open Office in OS X

The keyboard shortcut to cycle through open documents in Open Office on OSX

A really quick one... this had me stumped for a few days before I sighed and actually had a look for the answer:

Q: How to I cycle between windows in Open Office on a mac?

The answer for spreadsheets is "shift"+"cmd"+"~". This a bit of a peculiar one, though it seems to work fine for all different document types (spreadsheets, text docs etc.). Makes a huge difference in a usage workflow though, I found the answer here: which has a little more information.

Another page that people might find useful is this one:, which documents some of the other irregularities people might find.

Reasonably argued though, most of these apparent inconsistencies (between native OSX shortcuts and OOo shortcuts) are there to maintain consistency between the different ports of the software. A thoroughly excellent software suite, and a bloody good job by those kind soles who made it for us!

Written by Tom Bates